Foldable Silicone Cup
Foldable Silicone Cup
Foldable Silicone Cup

Foldable Silicone Cup

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Who knew the foldable water cup could such an awesome product?

Perfectly designed for busy moms. Unlike other cups which has a leakage problem, the cup is perfect for the babies.

Perfect for commuters and busy moms alike, our reusable coffee cup provides a convenient way to enjoy one’s morning cup of coffee without having to lug around a bulky thermos!
Specially crafted from leakproof and food-grade silicone, you’ll be able to consume an entire cup’s worth of coffee without subjecting your desk or handbag to a large thermos. It’s all of the energy without any of the clutter!
And because it’s available in 4 colors, there’s a color suited for every member of the family, your dorm, or close circle of coworkers! Choose from baby blue, pink, green, and gray.
To use, simply remove the silicone sleeve and unbuckle the mouthpiece to allow air to fill the cup. Once the cup has taken on its shape, remove the base, re-secure the mug with the sleeve and you’re good to go!

See more about the cup that collapses, but rises above expectations:

  • You can say goodbye to throwaway cups that are lined with plastic (so they cannot be recycled) and keep the convenience
  • Made of food-grade sand derived silicone
  • Holds 12oz / 350mL of leak-free goodness
  • Has a sleeve to slip on, so your hands are protected from hot drinks
  • Collapses from 5.5in x 3.5in (14cm x 9cm) to 2.17in x 3.5in (5.5cm x 9cm)
  • Easily fits inside your pocket, bag, car holder… and anywhere really, we don’t judge
  • Makes a great gift for that on-the-go coffee/tea fanatic in your life

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